Set Up A Restroom Area For Your Scout Group Members

Posted on: 25 December 2018

Portable toilets are a necessity if modern plumbing and a septic system isn't available on the camping site that you and your scout group members are staying on. Why make things more primitive than they need to be? Add some features to the area where the portable toilets are set up that will make taking a 'potty break' comfortable and sanitary.

Give Your Group Members A Little Privacy

Have you ever hung out with your friends at an outdoor venue and been picked on because you were the person who opted to use a portable toilet because your bladder was full and you didn't have any other options?

Number one, portable units ARE sanitary and safe to use, but some people (especially immature ones) may think that it is comical for someone to use a portable unit and they may even joke around about tipping one over while someone is inside.

Give your group members the privacy they deserve by enclosing the units inside of temporary wall panels or partitions. Tell the group as a whole that you will not tolerate childish behavior when it comes to using the units and that you expect everyone to respect one another when they are utilizing one of the restrooms.

Don't make the children ask for permission to use a portable restroom. Instead, give everyone free rein to use the bathrooms as needed. This will prevent anyone from being singled out and will make each bathroom trip more discreet. Provide 'occupied' signs that can be hung from the front of each restroom while it is in use so that nobody attempts to enter an occupied unit. 

Add Music And A Handwashing Station

It is nobodys business to know what is occurring inside of a portable unit and this can be one of the reasons that people refrain from using them. Imagine if you or someone else had an upset stomach that resulted in needing to sit down on the toilet for a long time? It can be embarrassing to think that someone is standing on the other side of the door, listening to what is occurring inside of the unit.

For this reason, you should integrate music with your restroom station. A portable radio is all you need to break up the silence and make it impossible for someone to hear what is going on in one of the portable restrooms. Add a handwashing station beside the row of restroom units and this will ensure that the group members can disinfect their hands and wash their faces prior to returning back to the campsite.

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