Caring For The Septic System In Your Business

Posted on: 26 June 2018

Owning a business comes with tons of responsibility. You are responsible for everything from making sure you take care of your employees to making sure they treat your customers accordingly. You also need to offer everyone a safe place to work in and to visit. One of the many things that is included in your long list of priorities is to offer everyone a clean and dependable bathroom. If you are on septic, then you will also want to be sure the septic system is not abused by anyone who ends up using your facilities. Here are examples of tasks you want to do to prevent septic issues:

Put up a sign.

While you would like to think that everyone knows what can and cannot go into a toilet, the truth is many people expect business toilets to be invincible. Unfortunately, they are not. This is why you want to make, or purchase, a good-sized sign for your business's bathroom facilities that directs people to use the waste basket for anything other than toilet paper. If a bunch of items get flushed that shouldn't be, then you can end up with big septic issues. This can leave you with large repair bills and possibly even an issue with the septic backing up so bad that you need to have professionals come out to repair it. Nobody wants to have to close their business while professionals come out to clean up a biohazard mess.

Make waste baskets within everyone's reach.

Make it a point to ensure everyone who uses your bathroom facilities has easy access to a waste basket. This will help prevent septic system issues, as it will help customers or those using your facilities to not feel the need to flush things down the toilet that shouldn't be flushed. Each bathroom stall needs its own small waste basket. Also, the main area where your employees or customers will wash their hands needs a large waste basket. Remember, waste baskets need to be kept clean at all times if they are to prevent the wrong things from entering the septic system.

Don't allow harsh chemicals to be used when cleaning the facilities.

Even if you have hired professional cleaners to tend to your bathroom facilities, you want to make sure they aren't using harsh chemicals that will go into your septic. This will cause things to become unbalanced in the system and the chemicals can erode PVC pipes and gaskets over time. 

If you are having septic or plumbing issues, don't hesitate to call a local company like Ace Septic and Plumbing to quickly come to your aid. Septic issues are not something that you want to wait to fix.