How Fecal Matter Is Cleared From Your Septic Tank

Posted on: 4 March 2018

Feces: it is something so taboo that people get squeamish even thinking about it. There are thousands of people who work in careers every day that are directly connected to human waste. One such career is septic tank cleaning. You have seen how the septic tank person comes to clear out your waste, right? Have you ever wondered how all that fecal matter is removed from the tank? Here is a closer look, if you are not too queasy yet.

The Floaters

High-fat diets produce floating feces. The "floaters," as they are referred to, are easily sucked up into the waste disposal tank as they are still floating around in your septic tank. Despite the fact that a high-fat diet is not good for you, it is very helpful to clean out septic tanks.

The Liquid Stuff

Liquid fecal matter, often the result of diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset, is probably the easiest stuff to clean out of the septic tank. It goes right up the suction tube of the waste collection truck. If there is any left sticking to the interior walls of your septic tank, it quickly dissolves over the next several months and ends up in the drainage field.

The Heavily Sunken Stuff

Along the very bottom-most layer of your septic tank is the hard fecal matter with very little fatty deposits in it. Microbes that you or your septic tank professional add regularly to the tank helps dissolve this stuff so that it, too, can be removed with little difficulty. When your septic tank cleaning specialist wants to completely clear out the tank for a really good cleaning, special chemicals are added to break up the densest stuff stuck to the bottom of the tank. A good blast of hot, pressurized water helps move this stuff up from the bottom until the suction hose can get it and remove it.

Refilling the Tank

Anaerobic activity cannot continue inside your septic tank after a cleaning if there is no water present. Ergo, after the tank has been cleaned to its best possible outcome, the cleaning technician fills the septic tank with water. Anaerobic microbes are added, which will immediately attack the oncoming waste in the next few days to months. In a year or two, depending on the number of people in your home, the tank will need to be cleaned again, and this process starts all over.

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