When Your Water Is Rusty

Posted on: 19 August 2016

When you turn on your tap and your water comes out brown and rusty, you may find it hard to drink. It can smell and even taste unpleasant. You do have several choices: you can work to correct this problem or learn to live with it. If you have rusty water, you need to know how to deal with it.


Since rust is simply oxidized iron, your water is chock full of the stuff. This development alone is not a health hazard. High levels of iron are not harmful to anyone except those with hemochromatosis, a disease that allows your body to accumulate too much iron in your organs. Unless you or a member of your family has this condition, your brown water will not harm you.


In addition to taste problems, this rusty water can stain all your bathroom fixtures and the kitchen sink. You may well want to correct this issue, so you will need to look at several possible causes. Pipes rust over time, and the sentiment settles to the bottom. Normally, that rust does not get into your water, but if you've had work done on your plumbing or your water pressure has changed, the rust will end up swirling into your system. You can flush your pipes by opening all the taps and running them at top pressure for about twenty minutes. If that doesn't work, you should consult a drain and pipe cleaning company about cleaning the sediment out of your pipes.

If the rust is still a problem, consider having a full house water filtering system installed. Your water will look, taste, and smell better as well as feel softer. Your fixtures should no longer stain, and your laundry will be cleaner and more comfortable. As an added bonus, the condition of your hair is likely to improve since a filter will remove the minerals from hard water and prevent nasty buildup on your strands. Your skin will also be in better shape.

Iron in your water is not a health concern, but it is a real annoyance. Consulting with your plumber can help you solve this issue whether it stems from rusty pipes or simply your main water source. Rust in the pipes can indicate that your old plumbing system is on its last legs. You may need to invest some money to get clear water back into your home, but your entire family will appreciate the financial sacrifice.