When To Have Portable Toilets On Hand And Where To Get Them

Posted on: 11 December 2015

Portable toilets can be very useful in several situations. Some of those situations are more serious than others. Here are just three examples of situations where it is a very good idea to have a portable toilet on hand.

1. Your Septic System Needs to Be Completely Redone

When you call for septic services and find that your septic system needs a complete overhaul, you have a three-fold problem.

  1. Your entire yard and septic system has to be dug up, removed and replaced, which is very costly and time-consuming.
  2. You have absolutely no toilets that you can use while your septic system is overhauled.
  3. The workers who will remove the old septic system and replace it with a new one also have no restrooms they can use while they are on the job on your property.

This is one situation where a portable toilet definitely comes in handy.

2. Your Campgrounds Need Restroom Facilities So People Do Not Go in the Woods

Although some campers really like "roughing it," digging your own hole in the woods and using it as your toilet is not ideal for large campground properties. You do not want your property to smell like an outhouse or have lots of flies buzzing around. Renting or buying portable toilets for the camping season is a much better alternative to campers digging their own shallow pit toilets.

3. You Need Restroom Facilities for Construction Workers

If you are adding on to your commercial property or to your home, the last thing you want is a bunch of dirty, sweaty construction workers tromping through to use your bathroom at home or to use your restrooms with your customers/clients. In the same breath, you cannot expect these workers to go all day without using a restroom. Renting some portable toilets provides for the needs of the workers as they add on to your home or commercial building and prevents them from constantly entering your home or work space to use the bathrooms inside. 

Where to Get Your Portable Toilets

When these situations apply to you, the next thing you need to do is track down who rents "porta-potties." Some septic service providers rent portable toilets on the side, while other businesses specialize in just the rental and sale of portable toilets. If you are not sure who to contact in regards to porta-potties, then you can contact your local sanitation department because they help empty and dispose of the contents in these toilets.

To rent portable toilets in your area, contact a company such as Onsite Portable Toilets & Septic.