Maintain Your Vessel's Performance By Keeping The Hull Clean

Posted on: 16 November 2015

Hull cleaning is an integral part of ensuring your vessel performs at a high-level of performance. By keeping the underside of the boat free and clear of bio-fouling, marine life buildup and other debris, this extends the life of the anti-corrosive and  anti-foulant coating on the underside of the boat and helps prevent a calcereous growth from forming, both of which can keep the boat operating better.

Signs Of A Dirty Hull

There are several indicators that could signal that the hull on your vessel needs to be cleaned; here are a few of them.

Dragging. A boat that doesn't seem to have as much power as it used to might not be a problem that you can attribute to the engine. This is especially the case if an excessive amount of debris has lodged itself around the propulsion system of the hull. Debris reduce the rate at which the blades can rotate, which in turn reduces its power.

Corrosion. If you notice corrosion spreading along the underside of the boat, a dirty hull could be to blame. Bio-fouling, from algae and barnacles, as well as other marine life can actually damage the anti-corrosive layer on the hull. Once this happens, it is fairly easy for corrosion to form and eventually spread across the boat, causing extensive damage.

Smell. If you've been noticing a very strong odor around the exterior of your vessel, particularly when you are near the lower decks, this smell isn't just in your head. A hull that is in need of a cleaning can also produce a foul smell. Since the water can sometimes smell as well, make it a point to smell the boat in different areas where you dock. If the smell travels, it's likely the hull.

Diving Contractors

A diving contractor can perform the task of hull cleaning for you without the tedious task of removing the boat from the water. Before cleaning, a diver will first inspect your boat's hull and propulsion system to first assess what type of debris you need to have removed and to see what level of cleaning is necessary. Diving contractors use specialized tools that are abrasive enough to remove any buildup without causing damage to the hull's surface, giving you the confidence that your boat is protected.

Make sure you are allowing a diving contractor to protect your boat by keeping your hull clean. This won't just keep your boat looking better, but more importantly, keep it performing better.