Different Methods For Maintaining Your Home's Septic System

Posted on: 12 November 2015

When your home uses a septic tank to remove waste products from your home, it is imperative to keep the entire system working properly. To accomplish this goal, you need to know the methods that will keep the system working for years to come.

Routine Pumping

One service that will keep your septic system working is pumping out the waste from inside the tank on a routine basis. Over time, the waste will build up, and it could cause several issues within the system itself.

A common issue that some people face is that the sludge or solid portion of the waste blocks the mesh that allows the water inside the tank from going into the drainage field. The mesh has very small holes, so that the more solid portions stay inside the tank. If the mesh is covered with a thick film of sludge, then the tank will continue to fill up and eventually break open.

The solid waste can also work its way back up the sewer line and block them. This problem prevents your toilets and sinks from draining properly. Many people first notice this problem when their sinks start to drain slowly.

A septic company can prevent these problems from happening by vacuuming out the tank. To start, the worker will use a large pole to stir up the contents of the tank. This allows them to dislodge the solid waste from the bottom of the tank, so that when they attach the vacuum, they have a better chance of most of the waste out of the tank. To know how often this should be done, you will need to ask the septic company, because each household produces different amounts of waste each year.

Check for Leaks

Another way to help prolong the life of your tank is to check the tank for leaks regularly. This task helps you identify small problems that you can repair before the tank has a chance to break down completely.

If you notice puddles of water in your yard that is not the result of rainwater, you should have a septic company come out and inspect the seams of your tank. Unfortunately, this sometimes involves the company making holes in your yard around the tank to see if the tank as ruptured.

Another way the company can check for leaks is to place a dye into your septic system. Usually, they flush the dye down the toilet and then you need to wait to see if the color shows up in your yard. If your grass turns the color of the dye, then there is a very good chance that your tank has a leak.